Human Resource Manager

Position Overview

The human resource manager is directly responsible for the overall administration, coordination and evaluation of the human resource function at Intermountain Pet Hospital. It is his/her responsibility to ensure all HR operations are carried on smoothly and effectively while meeting the company needs and business objectives. You will be responsible for developing HR strategies and providing sound advice to the hospital administrator on all related subjects.

Position Qualifications and Requirements

Education and Licensure Requirements

  • BSc in Human Resources management, business administration, or equivalent business experience.
  • SHRM Senior Certified Professional or SHRM Certified Professional credential.
  • Working knowledge Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.
  • Firm knowledge of federal, state, and OSHA law.

Experience Requirements

  • Minimum two years proven work experience in Human Resource management.
  • Previous experience in the veterinary field preferred but not required.

Personal Requirements

The receptionist must be able to:

  • Minimum of 20 years old.
  • Is well-spoken and approaches his/her job duties in a mature nature.
  • Have excellent staff communication skills.
  • Have excellent staff management skills.
  • Physical Effort: Work requires lifting and carrying accounting boxes (will be assisted by other staff members in lifting boxes over 40 lbs). Sits for extended periods or time.

Wage Range

The range for the position is $20.00 per hour to $25.00 per hour depending on work experience and certification.
Benefits are outlined in the employee manual and are separate from the hourly wage.


Employee Recruiting and Hiring
  • Is familiar with all positions within the practice. Understands the education, experience and personal requirements for each position.
  • Is familiar with all industry job boards, social media job posting, LinkedIn and other current popular job posting sites.
  • Attends local events where networking with candidates is appropriate.
  • Maintains a database of qualified candidates for each position within the practice.
  • Posts and manages hiring adds when positions for staff are available. Works within the budget provided for hiring and recruiting.
  • Works with Tribute Media to keep the Careers page on the website current. Provide them with current job posting descriptions.
  • Conducts phone and in person interviews with all eligible for support staff positions.
  • Works with the team leader to conduct working interviews for all support staff positions.
  • Conducts all reference checks for all support staff positions.
  • Verifies information on applications and resumes is accurate and true for all candidates.
  • Updates all applicants on hiring status. Keep detailed notes on the hiring process for each position with a final report of who was hired within the pool of applicants filed.
  • Completes background checks and drug testing for all applicants once a job offer is ready to be made. Ensures passing results on both of these before making any job offer.
  • Completes orientation for all new employees including submitting all W2, I9, offer letters and staff change forms for bookkeeping.
  • Enrolls new staff members in all software programs needed such as When I Work, Ezyvet, Facebook group, and SmartFlow.
 Operations Management
  • Annually reviews and makes recommendations to the hospital administrator for improvement of the company’s policies, procedures and practices on personnel matters.
  • Communicates changes in the company’s personnel policies and procedures and ensures that proper compliance is followed.
  • Ensures that a current job description is written and updated annually for all positions within the practice.
  • Annually review wage ranges for all positions. Ensures all employees are within the wage range of their current position.
  • Works with the administrator to establish budgets for each departments staffing needs. Maintains salaries within budget for each department.
  • Annually reviews all performance evaluation forms used by each department. Ensures that forms are current and represent the company core values, purpose and business objectives.
  • Works wit the OSHA safety officer to ensure safety is practiced at all times and all OSHA guidelines are strictly adhered to. Works with the team leaders when there is an issue. Oversees and implements regular monthly safety training with the OSHA safety officer
  • Ensures that all HR posters are posted in compliance with OSHA, state and federal law. Update as needed to maintain compliance.
  • Ensures the annual injury report is posted in compliance with OSHA, state, and federal law.
  • Is familiar with and follows all company policy. Is able to answer questions for staff regarding policy or information in the employee manual.
  • Monitors staff adherence to internal policies and works with the team leader for a resolution when there is an issue following policy.
Employee Management
  • Works with the team leaders to make sure a current job description is signed and on file for all employees. Completes an updated job description each time an employee makes a position change.
  • Works with the team leaders to perform semi-annual performance reviews for all support staff in January and July. Approves proposed staff increases annually within the budgeted amount.
  • Works with the hospital administrator to perform semi-annual performance reviews for the team leaders as well as implement development plans for each of them.
  • Monitors staff member attendance. Ensures that each team leader is turning in reports monthly and providing action as needed.
  • Works with the team leaders to handle fair and consistent discipline to employees as necessary. Handle all related documentation.
  • Works within a budget and each team leader to establish a development plan for each staff member to ensure continual growth and happiness.
  • Reconciles the team leader incentive cards. Ensures they are using the budgets to rewards, appreciate and encourage staff.
  • Responds to all employment verification, reference and unemployment requests.
  • Approve and implement any Family and Medical Leave Act requests for all staff. Manage the paperwork for such requests as well as communicate with team leaders and the bookkeeper for PTO and payroll adjustments.
  • Respond to staff requests on HR items such as PTO available, wage ranges for different positions etc.
  • Works with the bookkeeper to manage employee deductions for things such as bankruptcy claims, child support, etc.
  • Manages the workman’s compensation program. Files first report of injury promptly and responds to any requests from the State Insurance Fund for additional information and/or verify claims. Follows up with each employee post treatment and document their progress within their medical personnel file.
  • Consults with legal council through our employment practices liability insurance as needed to resolve litigation risks.
  • Conducts exit interviews with staff that are resigning from the company. Reports information obtained to the team leaders and hospital administrator.
  • With the hospital administrator, discharges employees as needed.
Benefit Management
  • Works with Hospital Administrator and benefit agents on annual benefit renewals.
  • Educates new team members on benefit plans available. The HR director is responsible for ensuring all annual paperwork is completed and copies given to agents and Karen for payroll deductions.
  • Responsible for ensuring all eligible employees have a signed waiver if not participating in the benefit plans.
  • Work with the hospital administrator on setting up a healthy living program for all team members.
  • Assist the hospital administrator with organizing parties or other team building events.
Core Responsibilities
  • Adhere to all hospital directives and protocols and maintain the highest ethical, moral, and professional standards.
  • Maintain a professional appearance.
  • Maintain a professional, courteous attitude.
  • Monitor Key HR metrics such as employee retention rates, support staff to DVM ratio, and departmental staff budgets.
  • Perform other related duties as directed by the Hospital Administrator.

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