Grooming Services

At Intermountain Pet Hospital, we take pride making pets look their best. As we see it, a clean pet is a healthy pet is a happy pet. That's why we offer a full-service spa for dogs and cats. We'll get your pets spruced up and make your time together more enjoyable.

Available Pet Grooming Services

With more than 20 years of experience, Intermountain's pet groomer can provide a wide variety of services. These include:

Spring Cleaning for Pets

While Spring brings warmer weather and growing plants, it can also bring itchy pets and a home full of old fur. Through specialized bathing, brushing and drying techniques, Intermountain's groomer can help your pet deal with dander and shedding.

Pet Bathing

Even pets who hate baths will enjoy Intermountain's regular and medicated bathing services. Our special hydro-surge system gives your animals a soothing massage while they're getting cleaned. Also, we use specially formulated shampoos to keep your pets' coats looking and feeling healthy.

Trimming Services

We offer trimming services to keep your pets looking sharp and their fur mat-free. Our groomer can cut in a variety of styles to suit many different dog and cat breeds. Also, we offer pedicures to round out your animal's appearance.

Meet Our Groomers

Intermountain hires people who genuinely love and care for animals. That's how we can deliver such outstanding care to your pets. Here's some information on our two pet groomers, Gina and Nichole.

Gina Ferbrache

Gina has groomed dogs and cats for more than 20 years. She'll always greet you with a smile and takes great satisfaction in knowing that our clients love the care and services that our grooming department provides.

Gina grew up in Garden Valley, ID and opened her own grooming salon there in 1992. She started grooming pets because it allowed her to have hands-on interaction with animals, which she has always loved. As an added bonus, she has built many good relationships with pet owners over the years.

In her spare time, Gina and her husband Mark love to garden, fish, ride 4-wheelers, camp and spend time with their grandkids and family. She is blessed with three beautiful daughters, all of whom have children of their own. She has a Queensland Heeler named June, who is never far from her side.

To learn more or schedule an appointment, call (208) 888-9231 or contact us.