What Makes a Vet Cat-Friendly?

January 14, 2016 at 11:54 AM by Nikki Wardle

Feline Friendly Pet visits

Is your cat clawing his way out the door every time you mention the dreaded word ("vet")? Do you dread packing your feline friend into her carrier for her routine visits and vaccinations? Turns out, you and your cat may have good reason for disliking the clinic.

Cats are naturally very aware of their surroundings, with highly developed sensitivities to new smells and sounds. When a cat enters a vet clinic, it often smells and sounds like other animals, including the ever-terrifying canine variety. So how can you make your furry friend more comfortable? Start with choose the right clinic or working with your local veterinarian to share your concerns.

A Cat-Friendly Clinic

What does a cat-friendly clinic look like? First off, it values the safety and comfort of all pets. For some clinics, this means separate waiting areas for dogs and cats. Other ways to accomplish this include minimizing noise and disturbances and training staff specifically on minimizing feline distress.

You can also make your cat's visit less stressful by:

  • Providing as much familiarity as possible; a favorite toy in the carrier, a well-loved blanket, and your presence will go a long way
  • Taking your cat on a few car trips when there isn't a vet at the end, showing her that car rides aren't all that scary
  • "Practicing" going to the vet with your cat by putting your cat on the counter and carefully examining him

We love cats here at Intermountain Pet Hospital, and we can't wait to meet you and your feline companion.

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Nikki Wardle

Written by Nikki Wardle

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