What Does a Pet Dental Cleaning Include?

January 23, 2018 at 9:00 AM by Nikki Wardle

Pet Dental Home Care

Just like humans, pets need regular and detailed dental care to stay in optimal health. When you receive that postcard in the mail from your dentist, you know it’s time to schedule your annual cleaning and exam. How do you know when it’s time to get your cat or dog’s teeth checked?

Your dog or cat should have their teeth examined annually, just like you. This oral exam will check for dental disease, tooth decay, plaque build-up,  gum health and if a cleaning is necessary. A dedicated and thorough veterinarian will ensure that this dental check-up significantly decreases or eliminates your pet’s chances of painful diseases and costly oral surgeries down the line.

What to Expect at Your Pet’s Dental Check-up

When you bring your pet in for a dental exam and cleaning, you may be wondering what to expect. At Intermountain Pet Hospital, we believe in providing the best quality care. Our pet dental exams are thorough and detailed, including additional services all for one low fee that ensures your pet is as healthy as can be.

Every dental cleaning at Intermountain Pet Hospital includes:

  • IV catheter and fluids
  • General anesthesia and a dedicated anesthetic monitoring nurse
  • Complimentary Full-mouth dental radiographs
  • Full dental exam and consult
  • Subgingival teeth cleaning and polishing
  • Nail trim * Home care consultation

The Intermountain Pet Hospital Difference

At IPH, we’re dedicated to providing only the highest-quality care for your pet. That’s why our dental exams are thorough and extensive. You may wonder why we’ve chosen to make our dental exam offerings so detailed. It’s because we feel that good dental care should be available to every pet. We keep our prices low by offering complimentary full-mouth dental radiographs with every patient. This is vitally important because 40% of dental disease is impossible to spot without dental radiographs. This complimentary service could be the difference between your pet living in pain or having a healthy, pain-free lifestyle.

We also know that putting your pet under anesthesia can be a stressful experience. We anesthetize pets to ensure we can perform a thorough examination without fear of injury to our veterinarians or patients. During the entire process, a nurse will be dedicated solely to monitoring your pet’s anesthesia levels and vital signs.

After performing full-mouth dental radiographs, we’ll identify areas of potential periodontal disease and do a full cleaning under the gum-line. We’ll leave your dog’s teeth polished and ready to discourage plaque build-up and bacteria. We’ll even trim their nails while they’re under anesthesia to send them home in tip-top shape.

Once we’ve finished your pet’s dental cleaning, we’ll give you a full home-care consultation. It’s important to know how to care for your dog or cat’s teeth every day to reduce disease and the potential for surgery. For more information about scheduling your dog or cat’s next dental care visit, contact us today.

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