Summer Safety Equals Summer Fun for Your Dog

July 30, 2015 at 10:17 AM by Nikki Wardle

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Summertime brims with sweet memories as long as everyone stays safe and healthy. Here are some summer safety tips to keep things cool and fun for your pet.

Stay cool and do not keep your pets in the car.

Research states that just 10 minutes in the car and the temperature inside has already risen by 19 degrees. Just one minute later and the temperature shoots up by 29 degrees, 30 minutes it spikes to 34 degrees. One hour later and the temp skyrockets by a blistering 43 degrees. This is bad news when you realize dogs and cats' body temperature is 100 to 102 degrees. Organs are affected severely at 106 degrees. Proper pet care means: do not ever leave your pet in the car.

Stay cool and stock up on shade and water.

Drink up! Water is vital in the summer. If your pet is hanging outside, provide proper shade. Kiddie pools or sprinklers are great cooling tools.  Pet wellness means beating the heat and you can do that with water and shade. Never underestimate this simple combo!

Stay cool with the sunscreen.

You knew to apply it but did you know your pet needs it too? Take care of your pet with some sunscreen in the areas they need it: bridge of their nose, groin area, tips of the ears and on their bellies. Take extra sunscreen care if your dog has a thin coat.

Stay cool and watch for heat stroke.

Check your dog frequently to make sure he's doing ok on water and hanging in the shade. If it's uncomfortably hot out there for you, then count on it being so for your pet too. Heat stroke signs include increased heart rate, excessive panting, increased salivation, a bright red tongue, red or pale gums, vomiting or diarrhea.

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Nikki Wardle

Written by Nikki Wardle

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