Selecting a Dog Groomer

August 23, 2016 at 9:00 AM by Nikki Wardle

Choosing a groomer

You probably have a consistent hairdresser you go to and trust to do a good job. Do you have the same for your dog? It's even more important to have a familiar groomer for your dog to bond with and who knows your pet well.

Dog grooming can be a complicated job, especially when it comes to clipping dog nails, cutting hair, and keeping your dog's skin and coat healthy. You don't want to trust this kind of task to just anyone. It's also important to give your dog the opportunity to have consistency in their groomer since this can help reduce their anxiety.

Choosing a Dog Groomer

So how do you pick a groomer to handle your dog's hygiene needs on a regular basis? There's no hard and fast rule, but there are a few ways you can be sure you've found the right match.

  1. Ask other dog owners: First, a good recommendation is always worth noting. Whether you ask dog owners who are friends of yours, ask on an online forum, or look up online reviews, it's important to know what others are saying about a groomer before walking in the door. You could avoid a disastrous or unpleasant experience out the gate by asking around.

  2. Ask for certification: Every dog groomer should have state certifications for flea and tick removal, and they may have other certifications to recommend them. Ask to see what certifications a groomer has to compare their qualifications.

  3. Trust your gut: If you walk into an establishment and feel comfortable and taken care of, the chances are that you've found a good fit. Give a groomer a few test rounds and see whether it's time to go long term.

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