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September 24, 2015 at 12:52 PM by Nikki Wardle

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Aside from routine visits for vaccinations, many of us wait until our pets are ill before we make another visit to the veterinarian. However, wellness examinations or a Pet Wellness Clinic is one of the best ways to keep your pet in his best health ever. Problems that we may not be able to detect can often be caught and treated in their early stages.

How Often Does My Dog Need a Checkup?

The answer to this question depends upon your dog's overall health and age. While your dog is still a puppy, a once-a-month visit is routine. An annual exam for an adult dog is a good rule of thumb while twice-a-year is optimal for middle-aged or geriatric dogs.

What Is My Vet Looking for During a Routine Wellness Examination?

For starters, your vet will ask some routine questions about your dog. These may include diet, thirst, exercise habits, behavior, elimination habits and general health. A physical examination will follow with observations of:

  • The way your dog walks and rests
  • Alertness
  • Body weight and overall condition
  • Hair, coat and skin condition
  • Eyes
  • Ears
  • Face and nose
  • Teeth and gums

Your vet will also listen to your dog's heart and lungs and may palpate pulse, lymph nodes, legs, and abdomen.

Recommendations May Follow

One of the greatest benefits of a wellness examination is that your vet will help you stay on top of screening tests, vaccinations and treatments for intestinal parasites, fleas, ticks, and heartworms. Following up on these important recommendations will make a big difference in your dog's overall health and wellness.

Your vet may also recommend lifestyle changes based upon your dog's health and age. Your dog may need a little more exercise or a change in diet to keep his body weight within optimal ranges.

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