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July 21, 2015 at 9:55 AM by Nikki Wardle

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Vacation, business trips, family weddings, etc. -- whether traveling for amusement or work, your pet is not usually invited. What do you do with your pet while you're away? You can ask a friend or family member to take him, but they have busy lives, and it's hard to ask someone to inconvenience themselves for your pet. That's why pet boarding is a splendid option for your travels.

The safety

With pet boarding, the staff is designated to watch over and protect your pet. It's their job. Your dog will have safe confines, clear boundaries, and realistic rules. If you ask a friend or co-worker to watch your pet, he can't be there 24/7. With pet boarding, you're guaranteed full-time attention and care.

The simplicity

Another key benefit of dog boarding is the sheer simplicity of it. It can be extremely complicated to drop off your pet at a friend's and then proceed to dog-proof their house, transport food and bedding, make sure your dog can't escape or will fight with your friend's pets. With dog boarding, you just have to set up the times and take your pet there. You can rest in ease knowing that your dog is being treated right without any hassle.  

The variety

We have a variety of housing options to accommodate your dog. It's your choice of BSU suites, regular suites, cabins, kennels and feline suites. Your dog won't just receive boarding, but will enjoy medication administration, personal care time, day camp, pool time and bizzy bones. Your dog will be enjoying his vacation almost as much as you are!

Have a trip scheduled? Find the perfect suite for your pet boarding needs. Contact us to get started with this safe and simple option.

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