How Dog Vaccinations Work

January 7, 2016 at 9:00 AM by Nikki Wardle

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Whether you're giving your new puppy her first round of shots or maintaining your older dog's health, vaccinations are an essential piece of your dog's overall wellbeing and health. Today's veterinarians vaccinate for a variety of diseases, many of which could have fatal consequences for your dog if contracted.

The vaccines your vet recommends will be based on your dog's age, risk factors, breed, size, life style, and area of the country. Here are a few vaccines you might expect to see for your dog.

Core Vaccines ("5-Way" Vaccines)

These vaccines are the most common core vaccines given to all puppies and dogs that have never been vaccinated. The canine diseases listed here may sound familiar to you; many of them are infamous for their fatality rate for our canine friends.

  • Distemper: a viral disease that causes severe multi-systemic problems
  • Adenovirus 1: protects against severe and possibility fatal liver disease
  • Adenovirus 2: protects against respiratory issues that can lead to pneumonia and death
  • Parainfluenza: also known as kennel cough
  • Parvovirus: a highly contagious and frequently fatal viral disease

Additional Vaccines

Your vet may recommend additional vaccines on top of these five core shots for optimum pet health. For dogs that are frequently kenneled with other dogs, or in areas of high disease incidents, your vet may recommend vaccinating against Corona virus and the varieties of leptospirosis.

Talk to Your Vet!

If you have concerns about your dog's health, make an appointment today. We take preventative health seriously at Intermountain Pet Hospital and are committed to giving your dog the best quality of life possible.

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