Four Things You Should Know about Gerbil Pet Care

June 23, 2015 at 9:13 AM by Nikki Wardle

Gerbils need exercise and socialization

1. Gerbils are social.

It's a good idea to get gerbils in 2s or 3s because of their social nature. Introduce them to each other through a split cage so they can make friends slowly. Your gerbil also loves attention from you. Handle him frequently so he is tame. That way you can enjoy his companionship and inspect him for health needs so you'll know when to get pet care.

2. Gerbils need a place to burrow.

Obtaining the right shelter is a vital step in proper pet care for your gerbil. A big glass tank is recommended, full of Megazord, Finacard, Carefresh or Bedexcel. This will provide the perfect homey atmosphere for your gerbil to burrow and dig to his heart's content. The substance used should be at least 6in6 inches. They will make a web of tunnels, utilizing every inch you give them.  Did you know chewing helps aid a gerbil's digestion? Add a layer of straw for him to munch on. It also helps their tunnel construction.

3. Gerbils need nutritious food.

Your little guy will love to munch on greens, protein, certain fats, and vitamins. For a special treat, try mealworms, sunflower seeds, monkey nuts and millet sprays. Simply sprinkle their food into their cage so they can instinctively scrounge for themselves.

4. Gerbils thrive on exercise.

Gerbils are active little creatures, and as long as you provide the means (like a spinner) they'll do the rest! Keep their minds active too. Gerbils love to burrow, shred cardboard and chew straw. Keeping them busy causes their little minds and bodies to stay active and sharp.

For more info on gerbil pet care or to schedule a health examination for your furry little friend contact us.

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