American Bulldogs—Loyal, Confident Companions

November 12, 2015 at 9:00 AM by Nikki Wardle

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If you're considering a new addition to your family—one that loves to romp in the yard for hours and then curl up in the living room with the rest of the kids—then look no further than the American Bulldog.

A Rich History

Bulldogs hail from England and were known as reliable stock dogs. Breeders hailing from the American South preserved the original athleticism of the Bulldog and gave us the beloved American Bulldog we know today.

Vital Statistics

Active and playful, American Bulldogs are among the most loyal of family pets. Here's a little bit about size:

  • Average height is 20" to 28" at their shoulder.
  • Average weight is from 60 to 125 pounds.
  • Average lifespan is 8 to 14 years.

American Bulldogs are known as a healthy breed, but it's a good idea to watch out for bone cancer and deafness. Other issues that may arise later in life include elbow or hip problems and thyroid issues.

Some FAQs

Is an American Bulldog a safe family pet?

Yes! As with any breed, training and socialization from the time they're a pup is important to a lifetime of good behavior.

Is an American Bulldog a good choice as an apartment companion?

American Bulldogs like a lot of room to run, and are happiest on a farm or property with an enclosed yard. If you are keeping your Bulldog in an apartment, it'll be important to commit to plenty of exercise outdoors to keep your dog contented and in good shape.

What else should I know?

American Bulldogs are a good choice for families with lots of space for them to run with abandon. They love to chase balls, romp with the kids, and make loyal, confident companions.

If you decide to adopt an American Bulldog as your family's newest member, contact us at Intermountain Pet Hospital for a check-up with our team of holistic veterinarians!

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