3 More Strange Dog Behaviors Explained

April 12, 2016 at 9:00 AM by Nikki Wardle

dog looking at mirror

Have you ever wondered if your dog's strange behavior is normal—or if it's a sign you need to intervene? We're continuing our series on dog behavior this week, answering your questions about what's normal and what's not.

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1. Dislike of Other Dogs

When a sweet and cute dog growls and barks at other dogs, it can be a little surprising to an owner. This behavior is quite natural for a dog who didn't have regular, positive interactions with other dogs during their socialization period up to about three months old. If your dog was raised exclusively around humans, he or she might consider other dogs as a threat instead of a friend. You're not likely to be able to change this behavior but instead, should keep a close eye on your pup to avoid any confrontations.

2. Mirror, Mirror On the Wall...

Does your dog bark and hackle up at his reflection? Does she cower every time she approaches a mirror? This is normal behavior for dogs—after all, they suddenly see an odorless dog appearing out of nowhere. Your dog will either avoid this encounter again or learn to ignore it.

3. Good Ol' Dog

If your older dog is suddenly ignoring your call or having accidents around the house, you could be dealing with the onset of canine cognitive dysfunction. In human terms, we would call this senility due to old age. Your vet can help you find an antioxidant-fortified dog food or capsules to help your dog find more mental clarity, and may recommend a medication to slow the process.

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